Certified UK Translation Services

Certified UK Translation Services

Types of translations that require certification usually include: college / university degrees, birth, marriage, death documents, divorce decrees, patents and other public documents.

In the UK, a translation can be certified in three ways. The service depends on the nature of the document and its usage. It is important to check with your legal representative which of the following certification is most relevant for your purposes.

1. Basic certification.

This is a translation to which the translator or the agency has added a declaration of accuracy stating that the target-language document (usually English) is an accurate and complete translation of the source-language document (usually a Foreign language). This is usually required for general or official documents which need to be presented in the UK for visa application, passport office, the GMC, GDC, etc.

2. Certification by sworn affidavit.

For official documents and deeds requested by public authorities/government bodies, the translation needs to be sworn certified by Affidavit. This is a declaration which is made in writing and on oath in front of a solicitor or notary public that the translation is, to the best of the translator’s knowledge, complete and accurate.

3. Legalisation (Apostille)

This is required for documents to be presented to overseas authorities (such as marriage or work applications). After 2. above, the documents are sent to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) for legalisation before those documents can be accepted overseas. If you are not sure what documents you need to legalise, you should contact your relevant embassy.


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We provide all of the above for each set of languages. Our translators are qualified and experienced. They ensure that your documents are translated and certified accurately for acceptance by any court or government agency in the United Kingdom or abroad.

Copies are accepted, but must be legible, (except for UK Crown Copyright certificates such as Birth, Marriage, Death certificates, etc. which have to be originals)

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